Training: High-quality training is an essential component for the successful installation, operation, and maintenance of flood warning systems. Inadequate customer training can hinder the effectiveness of the partnership between the vendor and the end user. HydroLynx, as a provider of comprehensive flood warning systems, prioritizes thorough training in all aspects of system operation. We offer training as integral parts of system installations. HydroLynx considers training to be of paramount importance.


Service: HydroLynx recognizes that customers require prompt and reliable service, especially during hazardous weather conditions. Following customer request and authorization our experts can remotely monitor customer systems to ensure their proper operation allowing any issues to be diagnosed immediately.

Customized support services are available upon request. Annual blanket service agreements can be tailored to specific requirements.



HydroLynx training
HydroLynx student

Field Engineering: HydroLynx Field Engineers possess unmatched experience, having been involved in hundreds of projects, both domestic and international, since the late 1970s. Their expertise encompasses initial engineering, assistance with equipment and service procurement, installation, training, and after-sales support. Our Field Engineers also provide on-site service as needed to expedite the resolution of critical issues, often eliminating the need for factory equipment returns.


Maintenance: In addition to the maintenance services HydroLynx offers both scheduled and emergency maintenance options. Routine transmitter repairs are typically completed at our factory within 7-10 business days. Emergency, same-day service is also available for most equipment. Scheduled or on-demand maintenance services are offered at the project site. Annual maintenance contracts are recommended to ensure comprehensive coverage.


Installation: HydroLynx provides optional installation services tailored to individual customer needs. Working with trusted partners with extensive experience HydroLynx offers different levels of installation services from Turnkey Installation to Installation Supervision to ensure proper system functionality.

In many cases, the appropriate level of installation service is determined by our staff based on their experience and the specific application. One of the above services is typically well-suited for a given project.

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