MODEL 5854/A2 ALERT2 Packaged Rain Station

General Description

The HydroLynx Model 5854/A2 ALERT 2 Packaged Rain Station combines the effectiveness of the standard ALERT2 Self-Reporting Rain Station with the utility of the 50388 Data Transmitter. Besides the USB programming port, the standard 50388 has four serial ports that provide the capability of multiple communication pathways.

Examples of the multiple communication pathways include satellite timed and event data transmissions, two way ScadaLynx protocol utilizing ScadaLynx, cellular, Wifi radios. The possible communication pathways are unlimited.


5054SD: Slide in Access Door for Standpipe
5050LA: Antenna Lightning Protection
5033-0.6B 600mA Solar Panels with regulators and mounting bracket
SAM160: Directional Antenna, 10 dB
5073TBX: ScadaLynx Toolbox Software
50388-OP2: 10 Pin MS Female Digital Status Connector
50388-OP6: Internal Power Supply
50388-OP8: ScadaLynx Radio
50388-OP14: Network Interface
50388-OP21: Cellular Radio, Antenna and cable
50388-OP22: Iridium Satellite Radio, Antenna and cable
50388-OP23: WiFi Radio, Antenna and cable


Model 5390


Height: 12 ft. including rain gauge top section
Diameter: 12 in.
Weight: 70 lbs.
Shipping weight: 80 lbs.

Ordering Information

  • 5054SO Standpipe
  • 5081MX-1 Antenna Mast
  • 5050A 3dB gain Antenna
  • 5054C-RG8 Antenna Cable with cables
  • CRG8-BNC/NM7’ AND NM/ PLM13’ Cables
  • 5054TS Rain Gauge Top Section, includes
  • funnel and screen
  • 5050P-MS Tipping Bucket Assembly, includes 25' cable and connector
  • 5054LR Lifting Rope
  • 50388/A2-90-H Transmitter with data logging
  • ALERT2 Application Program Version 2
  • RTR-MX-V Maxon Narrowband Transmitter
  • 5031-22 Gel Cell Battery, 22Ah, 12Vdc



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