MODEL 5052RD-K-H : Receiver/Decoder

General Description

The Model 5052RD-K-H HDR Receiver/Decoder receives ALERT2 radio data transmissions from remote sites and provides a TCP/IP data output for the base station computer. The Receiver and Decoder are combined in a single desktop enclosure. Rack mount brackets are included.

The Receiver/Decoder enclosure should be located near the antenna tower to reduce the length of the RF transmission line and the associated RF signal loss. It is recommended that a lightning arrestor with ground lug (optional) be placed between the ALERT2 receiver back panel BNC connector and the antenna to protect against lightning damage.

Two LEDs on the front panel show when radio signals are received (BIT SYNC) and decoded (FRAME SYNC).

ALERT2 decoder data output is through the back panel RJ45 network or serial connector. The ALERT2 decoder supports multiple server and client TCP/IP network connections from base station computers. It supports the ALERT2 Decoder ASCII and Binary formats.

The Receiver and Decoder are powered by a fused 12Vdc power input from a 5030-PS power supply (optional) or 5081-18 12 Vdc 18 AmpHr battery (optional) with 5030-8 battery charger (optional). It is recommended that the power supply be connected to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to prevent loss of data during power outages. A power LED on the front panel is on when power is connected. The power input fuse is mounted on the back panel.


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Ordering Information

ALERT2 Receiver/Decoder Specify receive radio frequency.

ALERT1 Receiver/Decoder Option Specify receive radio frequency.

ALERT2 Transmit Option Specify transmit radio frequenciy.

12 Vdc 18 AmpHr Gel Cell Battery

Battery Charger

12 Vdc Power Supply with 3-pin MS connector

CAT 5e network cable for ALERT2/1 data, 7 ft.

DB9M-DB9F Serial cable for ALERT2/1 data, 6 ft.

Model 5390

Model 5390


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