MODEL RTR-RMI : ScadaLynx Radio

General Description

The HydroLynx Model RTR-RMI ScadaLynx Radio is a high speed transparent radio modem design specifically to fit the needs of SCADA, data telemetry and control applications. It can be used to poll and control remote stations and to share data in wide area networks. This radio is used with the 50386 ScadaLynx hardware and software packages to provide reliable and FCC narrowband compliant two-way communications.





FCC Identifier: EOTMCUB5R (VHF and UHF)
Emission Designator: 9K30F1D
Network Baud Rate: 4800 or 9600, program selected.
Fully transparent with error free data delivery.
Frequency Band:
  VHF: 132 to 174 MHz
  UHF: 403 to 512 MHz
Channels: One channel, programmed locally or remotely.
Receive and transmit frequencies may be different.
Transmit Power: 5 watts
Transmit Duty Cycle: 50% w/ 30 sec. On time
100% with cooling fan.
Receive Sensitivity: 0.35 FV for 12 dB SINAD
Supply Voltage: 10 to 16 Vdc
Current Drain
  Low Power: 12 mA
  Receive: <170 mA
  Transmit: <2.0 A
Operating Temperature: -30 to 60 °C
Dimensions: 4.5 in. x 2.2 in. x 4.8 in.

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