From Humble Beginnings to Global Impact: The Story of HydroLynx Systems

In the early 1990s, the acquisition of Sierra-Misco by NovaLynx Inc sparked the creation of a company that would revolutionize flood warning systems and environmental data management – HydroLynx Systems Inc. Founded in 1998, HydroLynx emerged from a shared vision between its founders, Kim Blair and David Leader, to develop technology that would safeguard communities against the devastating impacts of floods.

Driven by a passion for protecting lives and property, HydroLynx spearheaded industry initiatives to develop and implement Real Time Data Telemetry Systems utilizing ALERT and ALERT2 protocols. These cutting-edge systems, embraced by municipalities and industries worldwide, interface with Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems providing early warning capabilities that transformed flood preparedness and mitigation efforts.

Recognizing the broader potential of their technology, HydroLynx expanded its product portfolio to encompass a comprehensive range of capabilities and sensors for collecting and sharing remote environmental data. This expansion further solidified HydroLynx's position as a leading provider of real-time data telemetry systems for hydrological monitoring.

In 2023, HydroLynx embarked on a new chapter with its acquisition by ISG Devices, a renowned provider of detection and measurement devices. This strategic move not only expanded HydroLynx's product offerings but also opened doors to a broader customer base. With ISG Devices' unwavering support, HydroLynx is poised to continue its mission of delivering exceptional products and services that empower communities worldwide to protect themselves against environmental hazards.


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