MODEL 2595 : Precipitation Gauge Calibrator

General Description

The HydroLynx Precipitation Gauge Calibrator is designed to simplify the field verification and calibration procedures for tipping bucket rain gauges. Included are a 946 ml calibrated plastic bottle, a precision machined water dispenser with four interchangeable orifices (these provide constant flow rates necessary for dynamic testing), 10 ml and 60 ml syringes useful in static tests. Calibration charts for all HydroLynx tipping bucket rain gauges are provided. Charts for other rain gauges are available.

Static calibration, adjusting each bucket to tip for a measured volume of water, is recommended for initial calibration adjustments. The 10 ml and 60 ml syringes allow very accurate water volume measurements.

Dynamic calibration, adjusting both buckets to achieve the correct output count for a measured volume of water at a constant flow rate, is recommended for minor adjustments and verification. The four orifices provide a wide range of rainfall rates. To obtain the error band of a gauge, test the dynamic operation both above and below the calibrated rate.

Field verification is standardized by providing a controlled water volume at a constant flow rate. To verify that gauge operation is within the specified accuracy, compare the output count of tips to the calibration chart.






Calibrated bottle: Plastic with embossed lettering, fill ring molded into bottle at 946 ml point

Orifice sizes: 1/32, 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8 in. dia.

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Precipitation Gauge Calibrator

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